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by Lexico 7/20/2021


Le Xi Trading and Service Co., Ltd ( LEXICO) needs to hire the TECHNICAL GENERAL OF the building, the common cluster can go to work immediately.

Requirements: Male from 30 - 45 years old, graduated from Intermediate School of Electrical Engineering - College of Electrical Engineering - CIVIL CONSTRUCTION or above, agile, open, well-communicated, enthusiastic, careful, proficient in writing and Exel,. (Good English is an advantage)

Experience of Technical Team Leader:

- Experience: 2 years or more in equivalent position, 3 - 5 years of experience in the profession.

Degree: Graduated from Vocational College or higher in Civil Electrical Engineering, Automation or equivalent.

- Ability to make weekly and quarterly reports and monthly reports for Chief Engineer.

- Understand building operating procedures and associated equipment (electricity, water, security ...)

- Good English is an advantage of writing reports, reporting monthly, knowing how to build monthly plans.

Work address 1: SHP Plaza Building - No. 12 Lach Tray - Ngo Quyen district - Hai Phong city.

Working address 2: VSIP Thuy Nguyen project - Hai Phong city

Job description:

1. Purpose of work

- Instruct the technical department to properly handle the technical systems with proper methods, safely, to avoid the risk of accidental damage to the system. Ensuring the building's technical systems are always operating stably, safely, to well serve the needs of residents according to the building design.

2. Main mission:

2.1 Working time

- Working time 24/24 including holidays on Sundays

- Engineering is divided into 3 shifts:

+ shift 1: from 7:00 to 15:00

+ Shift 2 from 15:00 to 23:00

+ shift 3 from 23:00 to 7:00 the next day

- Team leader works from 8am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Saturday

2.2 Job Management

- M&E system and building engineering

- Power supply system for the building

- Fire protection system for the building

- Elevator system

- Telephone system, communication, intercom, camera

- The problem of ventilation, lighting for the building

2.3 Quality Management.

- Control people: have professional skills to use machines and equipment and grasp information on assigned tasks.

Control system equipment must match the system to be replaced and repaired regularly

- Environment control: pay attention to light temperature when operating a clean environment system to ensure safe operation.

2.4 Asset management:

- Proposed plan to buy materials

- Update the number of assets still or out

- Exporting materials for installation staff

- Recovery of damaged materials for comparison

- Inventory materials and assets

2.5 Employee Management

- The mind must be very bright

- Full responsibility, wholehearted to work

- Know how to listen and understand the work

- Work orientation and development orientation

- Strategic vision

- Clearly defined goals

- Divide work suitable for each individual

- Always learning

2.6 Reporting mode:

- Weekly, monthly

2.7 Powers

- The technical team leader has the power to arrange, allocate, propose changes to human resources in the division or department under his management, have the right to direct, recommend, reward, discipline employees, recommend or give quit

3. Write a daily / periodic building engineering system inspection procedure.

- Ensuring the safe operation of technical systems of the building

- Schedule a periodic inspection of technical systems

- Perform periodic maintenance of technical systems

- Troubleshooting unexpected problems and systems

- Supervise the maintenance activities of contractors, customers coming for construction and repair

- Handling elevators, directing and coordinating elevator rescue

- Check and report status of pumps and systems

4. Write down apartment troubleshooting procedures related to contractor warranty.

- Receive information about apartments or residents

- The technician is responsible for checking again and making repair cards for the apartment

- Send a report to the contractor that receives the information

- Schedule maintenance handling for the contractor

- Supervising contractor's maintenance activities

 (Details exchange in the interview)

- Probationary salary 1: (1 month): 7 million VND

- Official salary 1: 8 million VND (Tet bonus, company regulations, and insurance when the trial ends).

- Probationary salary 2: (1 month): 12 million VND

- Official salary 2: 14 million VND (Tet bonus, company regulations, and insurance when the trial ends)

- Close and friendly working environment.

- Promotion opportunities, long-term work at the company.

- Job application dossier: Certified CV, household registration, ID card, notarized diploma (if any), CV.

 ☎️ Contact: 0906.182.555 (Mrs Dzung- LISA)

E-mail: Send CV via mail: thuydung.lexico@gmail.com (deadline: October 30, 2020)