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by Lexico 9/29/2020


Le Xi Trading and Service Co., Ltd. needs to recruit the Chief Engineer of the building, the common cluster can go to work immediately.

Requirements: Male from 30-45 years old, graduated from University of Electrical Engineers - CIVIL CONSTRUCTION engineer or higher, agile, open, well-communicated, enthusiastic, careful, proficient in writing and Exel, . (Good English is an advantage)

Chief engineer experience:

- Experience: 2 years or more in equivalent position, 3 - 5 years of experience in the profession.

Degree: Graduated from university or higher in Civil Electrical Engineering, Automation or equivalent.

- Ability to make weekly and quarterly reports and monthly reports to the Head of the Board

- Understand building operating procedures and associated equipment (electricity, water, security ...)

- Good English is an advantage written report, monthly report, know how to build monthly plans.

Work address 1: SHP Plaza Building - No. 12 Lach Tray - Ngo Quyen district - Hai Phong city.

Working address 2: VSIP Thuy Nguyen project - Hai Phong city

Working time: Monday to Saturday (Morning: 7:30-11:30, Afternoon: 13:30-17:30). Weekends and public holidays, TET holiday.

Job description:

1. Directly manage technical personnel under the Management Board

2. Management System Setup: Troubleshooting Process. The process of operating Building technical systems, Building an energy saving plan for the Building

3. Operation:

- Directly handle technical problems at the Building and save the incident information.

- Control and operate all technical systems of the rental building, ensure technical systems are implemented time 24 / 24 daily and all days of the week including holidays and holidays.

Daily check of forms that record technical system operating status information and reports.

- Check contractors on engineering system repair

4. Other duties:

- Perform all the tasks of management, supervision and customer care in coordination with departments and authorities to ensure the necessary procedures for building management activities.

- Synthesize and divide the monthly electricity and water indicators of the user units and send them to the Division - Administration of the Building Management Board.

- Negotiation and management in accordance with the service provider contract.

- Synthesize and give periodic maintenance and repair plan, replacement materials to the Management Board.

- Coordinate with the Building Management Board to maintain the system: air conditioning, ventilation, elevators, water supply and drainage, electricity, public lighting, CCTV, fire protection, communications, minor repairs … Ensuring operation of technical systems is performed time 24 / 24 daily.

- Maintain the equipment delivered by the Company.

- Synthesize weekly and monthly reports to send to the Management Board and the Building Administration

- Representatives of the Building Management Board participate in meetings on professional matters with stakeholders

(Details exchange in the interview)

- Probationary salary 1: (2 months): 9 million VND

- Official salary 1: 11 million VND (Tet bonus, company regulations, and insurance when the trial ends).

- Probationary salary 2: (2 months): 15 million VND

- Official salary 2: 18 million VND (Tet bonus, company regulations, and insurance when the trial ends)

- Close and friendly working environment.

- Promotion opportunities, long-term work at the company.

- Job application dossier: Certified CV, household registration, ID card, notarized diploma (if any), CV.

 ☎️ Contact: 0906.182.555 (Mrs Dzung- LISA)

E-mail: Send CV via mail: thuydung.lexico@gmail.com (deadline: October 30, 2020)

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