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Warehouse, Workshop for rent in An Duong Industry Zone 5USD/m2/month

1,440,000 m2 2 Floor Hải Phong Price 5

Warehouse, Workshop for rent in An Duong Industry Zone 5USD/m2/month

Factory in An Duong Industrial Park with favorable geographic location and climate, standard workshop and large land area to meet the needs of customers and large transportation routes are convenient for transportation of vehicles.


Code NX-AD5
Price/Month 5 USD
Floor area 1,440,000 m2
Living area 1,440,000 m2
Number of floor 2 floor
Construction of the year 2018
Room total 1
Living room 1
Bed room 1
Bath room 1
Gara Yes
Garden No

Service Area

  • Washing machine
  • Sofa
  • Storage
  • Air-conditioning
  • Wardrobes
  • Water Kettle
  • Parks near
  • Wooden floor
  • Bed
  • Dryer
  • Shops near
  • Microwave
  • Cooking stuffs
  • Pool
  • Good security 24/24
  • Balcony
  • TV
  • Reception



Name of IZ

VietNam China Economiy & Trade Cooperation Park

 (An Duong Industry Zone)



An Hoa, Bac Son, Hong Phong village, An Duong County Hai Phong city, Viet Nam


Geography of IZ

Located in Northwest of Hai Phong city- the third largest city of Vietnam and the largest seaport in the North- belongs to the “Two corridors - one economic belt” between Vietnam and China.


Distance from IZ to the closest: seaport, airport, railway station,etc.

  • Ha Noi capital (85km)
  • Hai Phong center (18km)
  • Hai Phong railway station (18km)
  • Cat Bi airport (22km)
  • Hai Phong container port (17km)


Land and factory buildings

-Providing not less than 10,000m2 of industrial land to meet customer demands.

-Providing Multi-storey standard factory buildings


Road, pathway system

Including a 43 meter wide main road and secondary roads of 24 meter width paved with asphalt concrete


Construction costs of standard factory

-Standard refabricated single-storey standard factory: Around 2.450.000 VND/m2 (about 110 USD/m2),

-Standard einforced concrete (hennebique) multi-storey standard factory building: Around  5.400.000VND/m2 (about 242 USD/m2 )



  • Climate: Sub-tropical climate, monsoon climate
  • Average temperatures: 23-24
  • Humidity: 75-78%
  • Average rainfall: 1.600-1.800 mm
  • Altitude : 0,7-1,7m Altitude


Transportation: Road (width, maximum speed) railway, road, sea, air.


  • The IZ is located by the National route No.10 which goes through  Thai Binh province and conects to the Southern. IZ surrounded by 50 meters-width municipal road directly linking to Dinh Vu deep-sea-port is now under construction.
  • The IZ is only 2 km away from National route No.5,;5 km from New Highway conecting Hai Phong to Ha Noi, Thai Binh, Lang Son, Bac Ninh ect, , making container transportation easy and convenient.
  • Haiphong port is the leading seaport in the North Vietnam .With a length of 13 km, Haiphong deep-sea port can allow large ships up to ten thousands tons to easily enter and depart; weekly container flights to Europe and the United States.
  • Road network, railway or waterways link most provinces in the Northern region and connect to China.
  • Daily domestic flights from Hai Phong to Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang  and airports ; the airport is upgrading . Hai phong airport is going to open the largest scale international terminal in Tien Lang district Haiphong city.


Available transportation modes

Convenient transportation options: airway,roadway,railway,waterway and seaway .


Transportation cost for (20 – feet standard container) and other charges.

  • Transport fee: About 1.900.000 VND/container (about 85 USD)
  • Package fee: About 350.000 VND/container (about 16 USD)
  • Crane fee: About 400.000 VND/container (about 19 USD)
  • Custom checking fees: About 600.000VND/container (about 28.6 USD)
  • C/O fees : About 100.000VND/one time (about 4.5 USD)


Waste water treatment system  and other waste

Sewage is basically pre-treated by enterprise which enterprise is in producing. It is then treated through the waste water treatment system plant of the cooperation zone following international standards and is finally discharged to the city drainage system.


Maximum duration for lease of land


Date to december, 2058


Support services

  • Providing perfect infrastructure, clear property rights land, plant, warehouse.
  • Providing supporting public service center to ensure staff‘s benefits, safety and living conditions.
  • Planning to construct 11 hectares of supporting living area to supply staff accommodations, ensuring enterprise labor and employment stability.
  • Offering financial services and insurance services in purchasing land to enterprises .
  • Providing logistics, property management, life and others related services.
  • Providing taxes, customs services, intellectual property protection and apply to investment permit…variety of consultation services, agency services, economic management committee providing the services.
  • Establishing pucblic platforms for product exhibition, research and development, examination, training and imformation consultation, ect.
  • Supporting enterprises to get Vietnam – China favorable item of government.
  • Providing local business research services
  • Providing emergency rescue services


Mechanism of issuing investment & business certificate

  • Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority, responsible for the administrative examination and approval, provides conveniently and efficiently “one door” service for investors.
  • Investment & Business Certificate is normally issued within 7 days (processing time is shortened to 24 hours in special cases)


Water, electricity supply in Industrial Zone

  • Providing required power supply line of 22KV or 0.4 KV.
  • Water capacity plant: 30,000 m3/day  
  • Waste water treatment system: A waste water plant with a  treatment capacity of 10.000 m3/day, depending on enterprises demand.


Labour: Labor resources, abilit, wage, labour insurance

  • Abundant and well-educated workforce
  • More competitive and attractive labour cost compared to Hanoi Capital or Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Have 4 universities, 8 colleges, 22 vocational schools, all most 100 professional training centers, have a good training workers ability place, meet on enterpries demand.
  • Enterprises pays 21.5% and employee pays 10.5% of basic salary for social insurance, heath insurance and unemployment insurance.
  • Number of people at working age: 1.2 million. Besides, the available workfoce from surrounding provinces Haiphong city such as: Thaibinh, Quangninh, Haiduong…
  • Salary: Pursuant to the law of Viet Nam government from 01 january 2017 - the minimum wage is 3.980.000 VND/month (about 175USD/month)


Raw materials supply in Vietnam (Domestic raw material supply)

  • Considerably large resources of Haiphong City
  • Aquaculture and fishing industry
  • Agricultural and forest products
  • Mineral: Oil, sand, limestone for cement and gravel


Advantage in comparison with other Industrial Zones.

  • Convenient location, low transport fee and investment cost.
  • Low construction cost
  • Perfect services and managerment
  • Competitive rental, flexible payment method
  • Effective service system with enthusiastic and thoughtful staff  Supporting pucblic platforms for product exhibition, research and development, examination, training and imformation consultation and so on.
  • Strong support from Vietnam - China Government, local authorities and China embassy in Vietnam.
  • Enjoyed public services such as: Electricity, water, telephone under price of the State’s Regulation.
  • Providing a dormitory that can hold over 30000 people.
  • Abundant human resource
  • Enjoy corporate income tax privileges “02 years exemption and reduce 50% in the next 4 years”.


Profit remittance tax



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