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Does the building have to be a career ?

by Lexico 7/10/2019

Does the building have to be a career ?

1. Role, position, importance of building management profession:

Due to the high speed of urbanization, the need to build roads and buildings ... thrive; plus investors or units with long-term leases that require more professional management services, the labor market has emerged as a building manager.

Facing the continuous development of Vietnam's economy, buildings, residential areas and commercial areas are growing more and more to meet the needs of residents and businesses in the city and all the country. Investors or building management expect their buildings to operate efficiently, have high utilization rates, save and maintain the operation and maintenance costs but still bring stability.

Building management - An area that requires careful, thoughtful, detailed and highly professional responsibility. The job of the manager needs to know many things, from simple to complex. Knowing from the house to the activities of the people, interested from big to small things.

Each building, each type of building, customers, ... creates different nuances in how to manage, behave and handle situations. As can be seen today, the way the apartment is evaluated is how good the apartment's service is, but even if it is a high-class apartment, it is inevitable that unexpected incidents will occur.

Meanwhile, managing buildings according to the country's experience is a professional field, even a service business with a scientific process to ensure the quality of service of a building from structure, architecture, fire protection systems, elevators, electricity and water to utilities such as sanitation, trees and other value-added services.

Effective building management enhances the competitive advantage for businesses and raises the value of real estate. The process of urbanization in big cities entails increasing demand for housing and effective management of buildings is increasingly focused. However, the area of ​​residential land in urban areas is increasingly narrowed, the only solution to housing problems is the establishment of apartment buildings, office buildings ... The real estate market is increasingly more dynamic and competitive, requiring buildings to meet the essential requirements in which the issue of building management is one of the key factors determining the choice of buying a house. of cutomer.

2. What is building management?

Building management is understood as managing and operating small to large-scale models such as inns, rooms for rent, serviced apartments for high-rise apartments, commercial centers or densely built apartments. Enemies like administrative buildings.

Building management is a service industry that follows the scientific process to ensure the quality of a building's services from hardware such as structures, architecture, fire protection systems, elevators, electricity and water to utilities such as sanitation, trees and other value-added services: leasing, managing employees, resolving disputes among customers ... ”.

Building management will provide services, workers, monitor them to perform protection, sanitation, transaction with customers to rent, operate electricity, water, maintain and maintain buildings to buildings. Good performance, high efficiency business. Because of such many areas, the management and operation of the building will become more effective when the building managers are equipped with the basic knowledge of building management and operation, each person undertaking a separate, tracking, system that helps the highest manager know the repair details and needs of each customer.

Building management to ensure all activities of the building take place with the best quality and safest. Including some or all of the following activities: Ensuring security and order; Cleaning service; Customer management and care, domestic, foreign affairs, human resources, operational supervision; Operation, maintenance and prevention of incidents of the entire building engineering system; Marketing ... This helps investors save costs while ensuring the services are provided professionally.

a - Financial management: Every month, customers have to pay a monthly management fee. These management fees combined are not small and are assigned to management. On behalf of customers, management is tasked with managing finance so that it is consistent and tailored to the needs of customers in the building. In addition to paying for electricity and water in the building, there are also costs for cleaning common areas such as corridors, halls, etc., or repair costs, salaries and salaries, salaries guard,…

b - Human resource management: Each building needs a different number of personnel for each position. How to recruit and reward and penalize the reasonable employees is the work of the building management. In addition, the management needs to monitor the activities of the staff to ensure that employees comply with the job requirements.

c - Customer management: Building management is also responsible for customer management. From customer care policies to handling customer requests, it is the duty of the building management. How to retain customers, make customers satisfied without compromising the interests of investors or the common interests of the building is always a problem for managers.

d- Maintenance of the technical system: A building is often installed with many systems such as ventilation systems, electrical systems, water systems, pccc systems, etc. These systems need to be checked and maintained. Periodically with the aim of ensuring the smooth operation of the systems.

e - Building Management Services: The harmonious combination of advanced building operation (M&E) techniques with the system, customer management process, formal office services and staff Professional will bring to investors the efficient exploitation of assets, create trust and peace of mind for customers and enhance their asset value. In addition, the real estate brokerage and marketing department will assist in finding tenants and buyers of real estate. There should be more professional units providing package building management services to help investors right from the early stage of project planning, deployment and operation, as well as transparent exploitation. lifetime of the building.

Effective building management is a job that requires high coverage but also pays attention to meticulous details to help ensure customer satisfaction. Currently, buildings have a management board responsible for all operations and management activities in the building. However, not all management can afford to undertake and carry out this hard work.

The management board must always be a close team in every day in the building from normal living services: electricity, water, elevators, car parks ... to customer care, public book management. liabilities, lease contracts ... or problems arising in residential areas need to communicate and resolve with residents so quickly and effectively.

With such special characteristics and dense workload, the management board needs to have building management processes so that all activities can be carried out smoothly and effectively. However, as mentioned earlier, this work has not been adopted any formal training model, so the lack of and ineffectiveness when managing goods is inevitable. The practical situation poses a problem that requires a support solution, which helps to optimize this profession.

3. Managing buildings - still not considered a profession?

Before the development of the economy, the buildings grew with modern architecture and equipment, requiring the operation and management of a professional building to become urgent. For this, there must be personnel to operate and manage the building effectively. In Vietnam, new building management is known, while developed infrastructure countries have become specialized training in this area. Real estate management services in Vietnam are not highly professional; Service management of buildings in Vietnam is not yet considered a profession, while the professional real estate industry requires higher demands for knowledge and services.

The above statement is not wrong, but once the market needs, the supply also follows that development and that is the reason, although not yet considered a profession, but the building management is now more interested.

4. To become a professional manager, a building manager?

The management and operation of buildings requires a lot of knowledge and skills such as electricity, water, regulations as well as procedures for fire prevention and fighting, legal regulations, lease contracts and many questions. Untitled issues arise when operating a building. However, in Vietnam, there is no training program suitable to market demand because the teaching content is not realistic, the trained people need to be practiced.

Besides, the job of building management has not been considered as a career that needs to be taught, all the knowledge and knowledge that building managers have is mostly due to word of mouth, people who go ahead. guide people who go after and have no textbooks in this area.

In real estate management services, it is necessary to divide and evaluate each element such as real estate management, comfort equipment management and financial management. The building manager must have knowledge of: finance, marketing, law and engineering. And the building management team needs to join the project right in the construction phase to be able to establish a management system as well as a personnel structure.

Based on the above criteria, plus the share from the building manager, if you want to become the manager (head of the building), you must know the knowledge of all areas to be able to operate the system from software to personnel smoothly. In addition, you must have the planning skills, as well as know how to deploy the work on schedule. At the same time, there must be skills in budget management, negotiation with contractors, suppliers, thoughtfulness and sharp observation to train and encourage employees to work alongside negotiating skills with customers and capable of withstanding high pressure. If only employees, knowledge requirements as well as job responsibilities will be softer.

However, no matter what position you take, if you want to work in the building management industry, you must also have good presentation, communication skills, agility, acumen at work, withstand work pressure, yes high sense of responsibility, ability to work independently.

In order for a job to be considered a profession, the following elements are needed:

-When it is a job that requires the person to do it full time.

-The first training school about that job was established.

-When a local / national professional association is established.

-When the code of codes of ethics, including codes of conduct, is adopted.

-When that federal / national career law is established, approved.

Considering the above concept, the management of the building is not considered a profession. The two pressing issues raised here are:

Firstly, it is necessary to build a vocational training system, with a focus on theoretical training associated with practice.

Secondly, it is necessary to build Vietnam and local building management associations.

Only so, the management of the new building is recognized as a profession and we, the new Vietnamese building managers are not vulnerable at home as it is today. That, requires us to act!