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The selection of services management units for group building operation

by Lexico 7/11/2019

The selection of services management units for group building operation

People always have careful consideration to find the right choice in a large number of types of apartments based on the criteria of area, surrounding surroundings, service quality, level of consumption High standard and especially the quality of building operation management services. The capacity of a professional condominium operation management unit is considered an important factor for apartment residents to consider when taking into account the standards of safety, security, utility and good life. understand and create the most comfortable living environment possible, while avoiding causing conflicts and conflicts in the process of managing the operation of apartments.

I. Selecting a management unit without a management board:

The status of apartment management in big cities, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is very complicated. Proposals, disputes and conflicts in the management of apartments took place over time as a proof. So how to choose the management unit to meet the needs of users and bring the apartment system to operate in the most professional and effective way?

According to the current trend, the Operations Manager is organized in two forms:

The first is that the Owner-Developer establishes a Management Board instead of hiring / delegating a third party to implement the process of managing the operation of the condominium. This "self-built, self-managed" form has the most outstanding advantage that is the contact and understanding between the Owner and the owner / user of the apartment throughout the process of creating relationships and giving change purchase and sale information, to complete the apartment delivery contract; When this "self-built" management board is formed, the process of agreement and work between the two parties has a certain harmony.

However, this operational management model proved to be inadequate. When the Investor tested the role of the Management Board, they unintentionally made their apparatus more burdensome: they did not have enough manpower to perform the management tasks, not to mention the human condition was not Well-trained, professional people cannot respond to specific situations, but they do not have enough time to focus on investing in other projects. In particular, the situation of conflicts between investors and residents occurs in many apartment building systems is a topic of discussion of many media channels for many years. The main reason is because investors often behave as "bosses", operating management is not transparent, violating the initial agreement, always arising disputes over interests with residents, due to so many residents still want to choose the operational management unit to limit the risk of conflict affecting the daily life.

Due to the way investors manage themselves reveal a lot of shortcomings when there are continuous conflicts, disputes between residents and investors, or more precisely with the unit managing and operating the apartment, Since the agreement was not reached as to the initial commitment, investors have shifted to hiring professional operating management units in recent years.

The second form is to give management rights to a third party: The investor can hire / assign a company that provides effective management and operation of the apartment building in charge of managing the operation of the building ( bidder appointment) or bidding for service units to compete with each other. This is a highly positive model, by clearly defined operational management units serving residents instead of management. In particular, there is little or no conflict of interests between management units and residents. However, in order to gain the right to manage and operate the condominium, the units must prove their competence, experience and professionalism when participating in bidding for the management of condominiums in accordance with the current provisions of the law. the law.

This is also the form of entrusting all activities of operating the apartment system: from safe apartment protection services, building cleaning services, warranty, maintenance, incident control, internal affairs, external connection, customer care ... for a specialized unit, both saving costs and building a management process systematically. Normally, bidding units are guaranteed professionalism, systematic in management; personnel are well-trained, professional and have standard and skillful behaviors; Understand customer psychology but also have a clear and transparent working position. The most important criterion when selecting an operational management unit is the technical capacity of the management team, which is reflected in the fact that the enterprise has to post information of the unit that is eligible for general operation management. Residing on the website of the Ministry of Construction / Construction Department (for units registered under Circular 02, the Department of Housing and Real Estate Market Management will issue a confirmation document from the Ministry of Construction and for those with The unit registered under Circular 28 is only posted without a written confirmation) and the certificate has completed the training course, fostering knowledge, professional management and operation of condominiums of the management staff and staff (issued by training institutions recognized by the Ministry of Construction). In the two criteria of evaluating the Management Board, in addition to financial capacity, the technical capacity is expressed through the ability to understand the operation of the building engineering system, the maintenance of the effective and feasible building engineering system. the application of technology in management (such as BMS management system for smart buildings, ...), financial exploitation, management of revenue and expenditure of effective apartment buildings, skills in organizing protection, fire prevention and fighting skills effective condominium risk management, with experience related to business operations, skills to propose solutions to reduce costs to reduce service prices. ...

Managing apartment operation is one of the most important stages in many projects. Because, in fact, there are many cases of persistent disputes between investors and residents in many projects stemming from the management of building operation. Therefore, many investors choose foreign management units because they think they have much experience and brand. However, at present many domestic companies also have poor experience, even more advantages such as understanding the investment and psychological environment of Vietnamese people. However, the issue of professionalism is something that domestic businesses need to improve.

First, the standard and the professional. Especially systematic in management.

Secondly, personnel must ensure the standards from recruitment, training, and behavior of employees.

Thirdly, dealing with customers skillfully and professionally. Respect customers but at the same time there must be clear stance and rules in dealing with customers' problems. Can reject the unreasonable demands of customers. Because that rejection is only a minority in a large community. The main purpose is to serve the large community, to accept sacrificing small problems to achieve greater goals.

In the current situation, in order to select the full operational management unit, the wide bid solution is being applied effectively. The results showed that more and more units providing management services with professional team participated in bidding. According to economic experts, the form of bidding also contributes to a healthy competitive market among contractors in the apartment management industry, which promotes the quality of the supply system. residence, ensuring the most ideal place for residents to live and settle.

II. Stage of establishing the Board of Management:

After the management board was established, according to Article 27, Regulation on management of condominium use (Document No. 05, consolidation of Circular 02 and Circular 28) stipulates that: If the apartment building has elevator that the investor does not have the function, capacity or function, capacity as stipulated in Clause 2, Article 105 of the Housing Law but does not participate in the operation management or the investor participating in the management of transport. but failing to meet the requirements agreed upon in the service contract, the condominium conference decides to select another unit with sufficient functional and capacity conditions as prescribed to implement operational management. .

Thus, the current law does not stipulate compulsory selection of condominium operators through bidding. So how do apartment tenants and building management boards wisely choose to hire a reputable and medium-sized condominium management company to improve management efficiency and ensure their interests? Participate in the process of managing operation and use of apartment buildings. Moreover, to choose professional management units, with sufficient capacity and experience, the condominium and residents management board needs to put safety first, avoid cheap but have trouble. .

So if the bidding is not organized, how can the Board of Management choose the operational management unit? The Board of Management can, through the relationship of members and residents, introduce the units, invite some units to survey and develop the operation management plan for the Board of Management to evaluate, then report through at the Condominium Conference for residents to decide. In this case, the Board of Management allows the units to build their own plans, or can still issue a similar request file as the bidding documents so that the units can develop reasonable management and operation plans with Specific conditions of buildings that still ensure quality, with strict criteria can be of inferior units (such as limited bidding). The selection of this tender actually ignores a number of internal jobs in the bidding, but the evaluation to come to a decision of choice can fully refer to the bidding process that will be presented below to perform.

However, in fact, the Board of Management is a collection of many individuals with different expertise, few members with expertise and experience in management and operation, so the preparation of documents to attend and fight the price of applications submitted to choose the best unit is difficult. To overcome this problem, the Board of Management can invite experts, or residents in the building, who are professional and experienced, operating in the field of apartment operation management to participate in the appraisal. With the Board of Management, or in the condition of allowable funding, an independent consultant can be hired.

The criteria for selecting contractors do not have pre-designed forms, which are prepared by the condominium administration themselves, leading to an asynchronous situation. Or machines taken from other buildings' records, which state too high conditions or standards, or are unsuitable for building conditions, invisible have removed some participating units, for the unit having the right capacity lacks the standards, the ability to meet the units but do not care because they have the brand. And in fact it is possible to choose an unqualified unit again but be selected. It is worth mentioning that there are no sanctions to punish the board of management of condominiums if they have made a wrong "problem". Therefore, there were many contractors disappointed in the bidding results but did not know where to propose. o choose the correct one, the Board of Management should consult the selection experience presented above to apply accordingly.

And yet, often the management board of condominiums or choose 2-3 most suitable price management units to make a condominium conference to decide, units may have to present and protect the plan before the association meeting. People tend to choose low-cost condominium managers, regardless of the quality of services they provide, so many cases of renting management units are incompetent, experienced, leading to the apartment quickly degraded, there are many potential risks. Although many apartments are still bidding form, choose a management unit due to low price, but have not paid much attention to the capacity and experience, but if the above problems are overcome, the tendency to choose to bid is choosing a condominium manager is a very good solution.

With the gradual improvement of legal documents on housing, the process of selecting high-rise housing management units will mainly follow the direction of selecting units on the basis of the criteria set by the Board. Management, Owner set out in a fair and transparent competitive environment. The selection of the management unit of the apartment building through bidding is still the best method, if there is a complete set of documents to attend, science and the process of making the selection seriously will choose the unit. good management through fair competition from which residents will enjoy the best service. Therefore, the Board of Management is also able to complete the bidding. There is no compulsory regulation, so if there is a bidding organization, it is also not recommended to apply the Bidding Law but have the application to match the public. Management works in a specific apartment / apartment complex.

Through the strong development of the condominium segment, the condominium management bidding is also more and more exciting with fierce competition among units. This is a positive trend, because if the managing units can hire a separate and professional apartment management unit, it will ensure the safety of health, life as well as peaceful life for residents. in the apartment. Managing and operating a condominium is an extremely important, very complex and difficult thing. Therefore, bidding for apartment management is necessary in order to select a management unit with a "mind" and a "vision", to be knowledgeable about techniques and organization of scientific management apparatus.

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